Jane’s Grey, Half Pan, available exclusively in the Ultimate Mixing Hand Poured Watercolor Half Pan Set from DANIEL SMITH

Jane's Grey swatch, DANIEL SMITH WatercolorJane’s Grey is a unique color in the market. Most grays, whether Payne’s Gray, Neutral Tint or others, are made with a black pigment, and often phthalo blue is included. Artist Jane Blundell wanted a gray without the often dulling effect of a black pigment, and without the staining effects of phthalo blue. She wanted a gray that was liftable and granulating to create the lovely look of stormy skies and softened shadows. It will also work as a neutral tint, darkening colors without changing them. Many artists mix ultramarine blue and burnt sienna as they work, but no one was making this gorgeous mix as a convenience color, so she did. Initially she mixed it in individual pans and palettes but the demand from her students meant she started to make it in tubes.

Using a gray that is made with palette colors maintains color harmony in an artwork. Having it available ready made makes it easy to create rich darks with ease.

Now it is available from DANIEL SMITH exclusively as a half pan in the Ultimate Mixing Hand Poured Watercolor Half Pan Set!

Jane’s Grey will be available as a 15ml watercolor tube in early 2019.

Lightfastness: I – Excellent
Transparency: Semi-Transparent
Staining: 2-Low Staining
Granulation: Granulating
Pigment: PB 29, PBr 7

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Jane's Grey, DANIEL SMITH Watercolor diagram by Jane Blundell

Jane’s Grey diagram by Jane Blundell