Brian D. Cohen: Choosing DANIEL SMITH

“I arrived in Seattle the summer of 1981, ready to start my MFA at the University of Washington. At the time I was very interested in the materials and techniques of painting, and was told to visit the DANIEL SMITH retail shop, then located in a garage in Queen Anne. You could get the real stuff — you knew how it was made and you knew what you were getting – predictability, purity, and quality.

When I started painting again in 2005, this time in watercolor, I turned to DANIEL SMITH again for all the same reasons — for their research, depth of knowledge, and refinement of their products.

Their online materials are thorough and informative, offering background on how and why a particular product was developed, its possible uses, how it works, and what it looks like. You know exactly what you are getting.”



“My favorite colors of DANIEL SMITH Watercolors:
Quinacridone Gold, for its immediate warmth and radiance;
Cobalt Teal Blue, perfect for nudging a blue towards the cool range of the spectrum;
Green Gold, the lightest and warmest green in my palette, towards which other greens crescendo;
Raw Umber Violet, an earth tone that does not tend towards yellow, and probably the most versatile color on my palette.”