Chihiro Yabe: Oil Portrait Palette Feature

As a watercolorist using DANIEL SMITH Watercolors, I had stopped oil painting for a long time but when I started back up, I was tempted right away to try DANIEL SMITH Oil Paints!

Living in Seattle, I appreciate a local company and knowing that DANIEL SMITH Oil Paints are kind to the environment. They are also well matched with the linen I work on.

Featured Colors:

DANIEL SMITH Titanium White
DANIEL SMITH Yellow Ochre Light
DANIEL SMITH Quinacridone Red
DANIEL SMITH Hooker’s Green
DANIEL SMITH Ultramarine Blue Deep
Color Use and Mixes:

With Burnt Umber and a big brush, I create my rough drawing first. Knowing that I can revise as I paint, it does not need to be perfect. For this subject the skin color was created with a mix of Burnt Umber, Quinacridone Red, Yellow Ochre Light with Titanium White.

I think the most difficult part of a face is capturing the expression of lips and my color mixture there was Titanium White and Quinacridone Red. I used Lemon Yellow, Perinone Orange and Cobalt Violet Light to create lights and shadows.

Some additional colors were used to create shadow on the skin. I used a combination of Hooker’s Green, Perinone Orange, Cobalt Violet Light and in the final stages Mediterranean Blue.

I painted the hair color after the skin colors dried a little. My subject’s hair is captured with a mix with Ultramarine Blue Deep with Burnt Umber – I also used Hooker’s Green in the sunlit areas.

The background of my painting is a rough mix of Raw Umber Violet and Yellow Ochre Light with Hooker’s Green and Cobalt Teal Blue. In the final stages I adjusted the whole image with Cobalt Violet Light.