Custom Watercolor Labels with Watercolor Ground

With our DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground you can paint on almost surface including glass and paper, transforming them into watercolor paper like surfaces perfect for your watercolors! You can now make your own personalized wine bottle labels with watercolors, a great gift idea to mark a wedding, anniversary, birthday or any special occasion!

You’ll need:

Bottle of your favorite wine
DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground
DANIEL SMITH Masking Fluid
Rubber Cement Pick Up
Towels for cradling the wine bottle while you paint
Masking Tape
Sand paper
Small dish or container

For our Wine Grapes design, we used the following DANIEL SMITH Watercolor: Quinacridone Gold, Sap Green, Indanthrone Blue and Quinacridone Violet.

Part 1:
1. You can paint directly over the wine bottle paper label with the watercolor ground, or remove the label, and paint on the glass. Tape masking tape just outside the label to mark the boundaries of your new label (tip, do this on the back label to preserve the actual name of the wine on the front label).
2. If applying the watercolor ground directly to the glass, rough up the glass area inside of the masking tape area with the sand paper.
3. Spoon watercolor ground into small dish.
4. Lay wine bottle on its side, cradled by a towel with edges pushed up on two sides to keep the bottle from rolling while you paint. In the area you masked off with the tape, paint the watercolor ground on to the wine bottle in smooth strokes. If painting directly on to the glass, allow to dry to the touch and apply a 2nd coat. 5. Remove the masking tape when dry to the touch.
6. Allow the watercolor ground to cure for 24 hours before painting your design with your watercolors.

Part 2:
1. Lightly sketch in your design in your label area.
2. Apply DANIEL SMITH Masking Fluid in any areas you want blocked off from the background wash, in the Wine Grape design, the grapes, leaf and stem had the masking fluid applied. Allow to dry thoroughly.
3. Paint in your background wash color, Quinacridone Gold was used for this in the video.
4. With the same color, paint a label outline with a line of stronger color.
5. When the background wash color has dried thoroughly, remove the masking fluid with a rubber cement pick up.
6. Mix the Indanthrone Blue & Quin Violet to get the grape color and paint in the grapes. First a light wash, allow to dry, then paint in the grape shapes by painting in a darker mix, then pulling out color to give roundness to the grapes. Paint in the leaf and stem with Sap Green, mixed with a little Quinacridone Gold.
7. For the name that you want on the label (you might want to paint in a wedding or anniversary date too, so it’s like a vintage!) using the same color that you used for the outline and paint in the name & date!
8. Protect your creation with a spray varnish.