Georgia Mansur: Australian Waratahs in Watercolour!

I was recently inspired by the blossoms of the gorgeous and vibrant native Australian Waratahs! I am going to walk you through what I did step-by-step to create my impression of this amazingly colorful and lovely flower.

Featured Colors:

  • DANIEL SMITH Opera Pink
  • DANIEL SMITH Quinacridone Magenta
  • DANIEL SMITH Cadmium Red Medium Hue
  • DANIEL SMITH Alizarin Crimson
  • DANIEL SMITH Carbazole Violet
  • DANIEL SMITH Pyrrol Orange
  • DANIEL SMITH Quinacridone Gold
  • DANIEL SMITH French Ultramarine

Drawing Roughly draw out the parameters of the subject in pencil on watercolor paper. I used a full sheet of Arches Rough 300 gsm


Step 1 Lay in the background and shadow colors in the first wash.

Step 2 Start dropping in the local color, keeping it as loose as possible for as long as possible!
Step 3 Let the medium work its magic by not trying to over control it and letting the paint mix and mingle with its friends.
Step 4 Cut out some custom shapes from old x-rays (or plastic film) to make a stencil to create the lighter stamen areas.
Step 5 Lift and wipe back the areas you wish to bring back some light, create form and volume with a natural sea sponge, x-ray film stencils and a paper towel.
Step 6 Strengthen the design with darks and a pattern of dark and lights that lead the eye in and through the painting!
There are as many ways to paint a painting as there are artists but I like to approach each one in a manner that speaks to me.


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Wishing you a creatively abundant week full of all the joy you can handle!
Cheers, Georgia


Georgia Mansur AWS, NWS, AWA , IPAP, AGRA, ADFA
Georgia grew up in California and moved to Outback Australia in 1984. A new environment on an isolated cotton farm gave a chance to look inward for a source of self-expression. A Watermedia specialist, Georgia loves the ease of traveling with paints that wash up in water, continues to explore and express her fascination with nature.
Having completed a BA in Communication Studies at CSU Sacramento, Georgia feels painting is another level to communicate that goes well beyond words. Making a connection with the viewer, truly touching and inspiring others is her ultimate goal. Georgia teaches painting workshops all around the world, including Australia, Italy, France, Portugal, Croatia, USA and the UK. Visit Georgia’s website: