Jean Haines’ All That Shimmers Set: Two Tips How These Fabulous Shades Can Be Used article for DANIEL SMITH

Jean Haines’ has selected 6 colors from the DANIEL SMITH Luminescent (Shimmering) Watercolor Collection for her New Set, the Jean Haines’ All That Shimmers Set.

“A fabulous selection of shining shades that can be used in so many beautiful ways. Mix with existing watercolour pigment, use alone or as a glaze to turn an ordinary painting into a stunning piece of art” -Jean Haines

Jean Haines’ new set includes these shimmering watercolors:

* Please note, that the link is for the 15 ml tube, these colors are only available as a 5ml tube in this set

Jean Haines All That Shimmers Set swatches, Iridescent Ruby, Iridescent Aztec Gold, Pearlescent White, Iridescent Electric Blue, Iridescent Topaz, Iridescent Copper

Tip 1.

Subjects can look fantastic when painted in watercolour but they can sometimes lack the lustre of life as seen in reality. Colour additions with one or more of the shades from my All That Shimmers Set can beautifully bring them to life. In a diverse range  of ways. If you have ever watched horses racing or animals with smooth coats in action a sheen is often quite visible. There are ways to create this effect in watercolour but not always with a touch of life that has been missing until now. With glorious shimmer shades this effect is far easier to achieve leading to gorgeous watercolour results that are totally unique.

Racing Horse, watercolor painting in progress by Jean Haines
Racing Horse, work in progress

For my horse racing scenes in particular I often use Iridescent Copper for the body of  a horse added on top of my usual watercolour shades. This stunning shimmer set shade instantly adds gloss and lustre. Either on top of or on its own I then use Pearlescent White as a way of intensifying the shine.  I can use shimmer additions to my paintings as a single sweep of glistening colour as seen in my image below. Or blended with another All That Shimmers Set colour such as the Pearlescent White with the Iridescent Copper for example. Shimmer combinations can be extremely powerful in effects gained by experimenting with them, and they can be rather intriguing in their appearance especially if the completed watercolour is framed and placed under glass which enhances the finished look.

Pearlescent White and Iridescent Copper from the DANIEL SMITH Jean Haines' All That Shimmers Watercolor Set
Pearlescent White and Iridescent Copper from the Jean Haines’ All That Shimmers Watercolor Set
Copper Owl, work in progress, watercolor painting by Jean Haines

Owl painting , work in progress  being built up with DANIEL SMITH Titanium White Watercolor Ground and Pearlescent White from my shimmer set.

Tip 2.

I find the Pearlescent White shade from my All That Shimmers Set invaluable as it works so well with other watercolour shades and products. Above, you can see an owl painting coming to life as a work in progress. I started this piece by painting a varied background first wash with DANIEL SMITH Watercolours. I painted the first eye and found the head outline shape by adding detail in these sections. Then I used DANIEL SMITH Titanium White Watercolor Ground to build up the main wing and chest area of the owl. Next I applied Pearlescent White from my All That Shimmers Set to add a glistening sheen to my subject in places. Feathers do have a natural shine to them. They aren’t flat subjects minus any hint of life.

I think these words describe why I love my shimmer set shades so much.

“As artists, we aren’t aiming to create paintings of subjects minus any hint of life. Adding a touch of shimmer to a painting can breathe life into the piece” —Jean Haines

Often as artists we find it hard to put that sense of “living” in a painting. Life is missing or can be. We have techniques which may work but to me none is as simple as just adding a touch of subtle shimmer. Subtle being the key word. Add glistening effects sparingly so that they show off other colours in a painting rather than think of them being colours in their own right.

Why I love DANIEL SMITH Watercolors

“Since I started using DANIEL SMITH watercolours my work has changed dramatically and the feedback I receive on the vibrancy of my new colour range is amazing. I love the stunning colours available in the DANIEL SMITH Watercolour collection and I am also fascinated by how many interact leading to fascinatingly unique effects. Perfect for my style which is why I am delighted to share my favourite shades. I discovered these superb watercolours whilst on tour in USA and have become a true DANIEL SMITH addict since then. Teaching watercolour workshops internationally gives me the opportunity to meet artists of all levels, who like me are passionate about watercolour. Artists who are also falling in love with this exciting brand. As products, they are addictive in that as an artist I can’t stop using them.”

DANIEL SMITH gives me the excitement, drama, intrigue and strength in my work that has been missing until now. A wonderful discovery and journey into the world of colour.” —Jean Haines

Jean Haines photo

Highly in demand, International watercolourist Jean Haines SWA is well known for her passion for working in her favourite medium, watercolour. Having lived and travelled in many countries this popular artist has had the opportunity to develop her skills creating incredible paintings whilst under the influence of masters from many countries including Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Living in China was a time when studying brush control had the greatest impact on the evolvement of Jeans style. Later working with artists from India and Pakistan introduced vibrant colours into her paintings compared to her previous more quiet watercolours created whilst living in Europe. Artists travel from all over the world to Jeans’ popular watercolour workshops held in Hampshire UK. Jean regularly teaches fully booked courses in Europe, USA, Australia, and Mexico such is the demand for her inspirational teaching style. The combination of East meets West influences from living in Asia, along with no fear of working directly minus the use of a preliminary sketch leads Jean to amazing results. Jean exhibits in established galleries.

DANIEL SMITH Pearlescent White and Iridescent Copper 5ml tubes with squeezed out watercolor paint from the Jean Haines' All That Shimmers Set
DANIEL SMITH Pearlescent White and Iridescent Copper, the Jean Haines’ All That Shimmers Set