Jean Haines: Waterfall Washes with Ultramarine Turquoise

As always I paint three daily washes. These help me loosen up in my
work and relieve any tension I may be carrying from business or daily life. My aim is to use a new color as frequently as possible when doing my warm up exercises and today was no exception.

My new favorite and must have color is Ultramarine Turquoise by DANIEL SMITH. It is so vibrant. It creates incredible pattern effects and loves moving freely by the addition of water drops. Do treat yourself to this
fabulous shade if you don’t already have it. It’s amazing! A “ feel good” color to work with.

I literally relaxed watching color flow across the paper with no image in mind at all of what the subject would be. I applied color to the top corner of each piece of paper and allowed it to flow freely by the addition of water to the added pigment, and immediately below it. I added salt in sections and tried to make each piece of paper look completely different. If we relax and don’t overwork a simple wash it can look like this and be very effective.

If you have a copy of Jean’s Book “Paint Yourself Calm” you should have read the opening chapters to the point where you can focus on page 48 using the waterfall technique for incredible washes. Also read the sections of using color to relax.