Quin Gold Trees, watercolor painting by Julie Karlsson

Quinacridone Gold Watercolor:

Even More GLOW in Every Tube!

I have to admit that when I heard that DANIEL SMITH’s Quinacridone Gold Watercolor was undergoing a change from the “old recipe” I was skeptical! It has long been one of my favorites: like liquid sunshine in a tube—and you don´t mess with a good thing—right? So imagine my delight when I dipped into the “new” paint and found that not only did I recognize my faithful friend, but there is, if possible, even more GLOW in the new paint!

Quin Gold Landscape, watercolor painting by Julie Karlsson

“Quin Gold Landscape” by Julie Karlsson

Here I have paired Quinacridone Gold with another favorite: Iridescent Electric Blue which adds extra depth and shine to a summer sky. Just for fun I added DANIEL SMITHs Walnut Ink to create trees wet in wet. Not only is the Walnut Ink great for calligraphy and sketching, but it’s a welcome addition to my watercolor palette as well. I love the diversity of DANIEL SMITHs materials! Did you know that DANIEL SMITHs Walnut Ink is the “real deal” made from REAL walnut husks! Just one more thing to love about their quality and dedication to creating the ultimate experience for artists around the world!

Quin Gold Trees, watercolor painting by Julie Karlsson

“Quin Gold Trees” by Julie Karlsson

The “Quin Gold trees” was painted in “negative” layers–which is a really positive way to paint and get fun results!! The colors I used were: Quinacridone Gold, Prussian Blue, Quinacridone Burnt Scarlet and Sodalite Genuine.

Quin Gold House, watercolor painting by Julie Karlsson

“Quin Gold House” by Julie Karlsson

The colors I used for the “Quin Gold House” are: Payne’s Blue Gray, Manganese Blue Hue, Quinacridone Gold and Enviro-Friendly Red Iron Oxide.

DANIEL SMITH Quinacridone Gold Watercolor

-Julie Karlsson

Julie Karlsson,Color feeds my soul. . . . I love playing around with paint to see what comes to life and capture a mood or an impression, or some inspiration from God’s amazing creation.
I moved to Sweden after growing up in Seattle, Washington, USA, and met the love of my life! As our daughters grew up I enjoyed the creative side of mothering and teaching. . . which grew into more and more art exhibitions, teaching painting classes, watercolor blogs, painting trips with my students around Sweden, Denmark, France and the States, and connections with artists and art lovers around the world. Three years in South Africa gave me an appreciation for seeing and learning more . . . discovering new techniques and a curiosity for “painting outside the lines”. Westersart and DANIEL SMITH’s Watercolors changed forever the way I experience painting! The challenge of developing the arts department at Folkuniversitetet in Jönköping, Sweden has given me a forum for sharing this love of creating with others.
It is such a joy to be able to share my love of painting with others and hopefully spread some encouragement along the way too!
-Julie Karlsson
Website: ArtByJulieAnnKarlsson.com
Instagram: @ArtByJulieAnnKarlsson

It was “greens” that first brought DANIEL SMITH Watercolors to my paintbrush. I was tired of ordinary looking green pigments and happened across a painting with luscious shades and unusual granulating properties. I knew then I was going to love making DANIEL SMITH paints a permanent feature on my palette! The uniqueness of the PrimaTek and Luminescent  Watercolors (not to mention the Watercolor Grounds) let me stretch the limits of what watercolor can do. I love the thrill of being able to share this with others!

Honestly, I never met a DS watercolor I didn’t like, but these 18 are favorites! Happy painting!
~Julie Karlsson, Sweden

DANIEL SMITH Watercolors on my palette:
Hansa Yellow Medium
Anthraquinoid Scarlet
Anthraquinoid Red
Quinacridone Rose
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine
Iridescent Electric Blue
Cobalt Blue
Prussian Blue
Blue Apatite Genuine
Sodalite Genuine
Jadeite Genuine
Green Gold
Monte Amiata Natural Sienna
Quinacridone Burnt Orange
Hematite Burnt Scarlet Genuine
Enviro -Friendly Brown Iron Oxide
Hematite Genuine
Payne’s Blue Gray