Lisa Argentieri | Birches in Autumn

Fall is here and one can begin to see Mother nature’s own beautiful palette of colors. Every day I see a new color, a new shape and feel a new emotion as the leaves turn color and the gorgeous hues of light spread upon the landscape. The cool, harsh, light of the strong summer sun now gives way to warm, glorious, lush colors.

I found this grove of birches and loved the contrast of the white bark against the changing colors of the foliage. My style of painting is very organic, loose and spontaneous, without the use of preliminary drawings or studies. I want to establish the mood and atmosphere through mingling of pigments on unstretched, dry watercolor paper. I paint intuitively so it’s very difficult to describe my painting process!

I need watercolor pigmens that I can depend on in terms of transparency, granulation and consistency. DANIEL SMITH watercolors always perform exceptionally.

On a personal note: This painting is dedicated to the wonderful artist Nicholas Simmons, who encouraged, inspired and guided me along the way.