Lisa Argentieri | Boundless Color in Watercolor

My watercolor paintings are very free-flowing, loose and bold with color. I do not start with a preliminary drawing or study. I dive right in to dry, 300lb paper with a brush loaded with DANIEL SMITH watercolor pigment. Their colors are always beautiful and perform wonderfully.

It’s important to me that my brushstrokes are minimal, my colors are crisp and I believe that less is more, when it comes to a successful watercolor painting.

I love the Quinacridone series because the colors are so vibrant and mix so well with each other. Since I do not mix colors on a palette, instead, I encourage pigments to merge together on the paper, free and spontaneously, not bounded by outlines, it’s important that I have a product that I can depend on. Also, I like the fact that what you see is what you get, there’s no surprises when the painting dries, it doesn’t dry lighter.

In my painting, “Home Grown Tomatoes”, I really wanted to showcase the wide spectrum of colors that make up these juicy tomatoes. Quinacridone Sienna and Coral mix so well to achieve that bright orangey red, rich in hue, that DANIEL SMITH Watercolors are so well known for. The jewel like colors really make this still life pop.

Quinacridone Gold is my “go to” color and it brings so much to a painting! Painted either alone are as a glaze, it lightens up any painting.