Manganese Violet, DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Color Feature


DANIEL SMITH Manganese Violet is a semi-transparent warm, reddish violet that is very dark in mass tone. An essential color for when you want a clean mixing, single pigment, warm violet, and it’s great for shadows!
Lightfastness: I – Excellent
Transparency: Semi-Transparent
Pigment: PV 16
Series: 3

Color Mixing with Manganese Violet
In the mixing grid below, you will see Manganese Violet mixed with Titanium White, Hansa Yellow Light and Chromium Green Oxide.

Hansa Yellow Light
Hansa Yellow Light is a bright lemony yellow with a touch of green. This semi-transparent becomes even more illuminated when mixed with white.
Lightfastness: II – Very Good
Transparency: Semi-Transparent
Pigment: PY 3
Series: 2

Chromium Green Oxide
Chromium Green Oxide is a warm, opaque green perfect for the soft greens of mid-summer landscapes.
Lightfastness: I – Excellent
Transparency: Opaque
Pigment: PG 17
Series: 3

Across the Top of the Mixing Grid are:
Manganese Violet, Hansa Yellow Light and Chromium Green Oxide in the top squares of each column. Those squares are pure tube color applied with a palette knife.

The second square down is each color mixed with some DANIEL SMITH Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil Medium to thin them out, and show their color more transparently. Chromium Green Oxide is opaque, so a lot of linseed oil was used, both Manganese Violet and Hansa Yellow Light are semi-transparent. In this second square down I also began to mix Manganese Violet at the bottom into the thinned out Hansa Yellow Light and Chromium Green Oxide.

The third, fourth and fifth squares down, I began mixing in Titanium White lightening Manganese Violet and the color mixes. For the color mixes, I combined Manganese Violet with the Hansa Yellow Light and another mix of Manganese Violet with Chromium Green Oxide. At the top of the third squares are the color and mixes without Titanium White, then I began gradually adding in the Titanium White. The bottom squares show the color and mixes with the most white.

Below are paint outs of Manganese Violet with six other violet/purple DANIEL SMITH Original Oils so you can see how they compare. Mass tone at the bottom rectangle, with Titanium White mixed with each color in the other rectangles above.

Properties: Transparency, Lightfastness (in parenthesis), Series, and Pigment at the end.
(Excellent) 100+ years
(Very Good) 100 years
(Fair) 50-70 years
(Fugitive) 15-20 years
From left to right:

Quinacridone Magenta – Transparent, (Excellent) Series: 4, PR 122.
Quinacridone Violet – Transparent, (Excellent) Series: 4, PV 19.
Quinacridone Purple – Transparent, (Excellent) Series: 4, PV 55.
Manganese Violet – Semi-Transparent, (Excellent) Series: 3, PV 16.
Carbazole Violet – Semi-Transparent, (Excellent) Series: 3, PV 23RS.
Ultramarine Violet – Transparent, (Excellent) Series: 2, PV 15.
Moonglow – Transparent, (Fair) Series: 4, PB 29, PG 18, PR 83

We think you will enjoy having this clean mixing violet, DANIEL SMITH Manganese Violet, on your palette!