DANIEL SMITH PrimaTeks Watercolor paint tubes with new labels

Have you seen our new PrimaTek Watercolor Labels?

New DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek Watercolor Label close upThese new labels for our PrimaTek Watercolors have a large “P” in a circle replacing our usual flower design on our PrimaTek Watercolor labels, we will continue to use the flower design on all our other watercolor labels.

Based on customer feedback, this change will help you find our PrimaTek Watercolors more easily on our watercolor racks and, of course, easier to add them to your collection!

All of our DANIEL SMITH Watercolor labels are descriptive, and provide important information for you:
Pigment: This includes the common name, color index name and number – for PrimaTeks, the pigment is made from the mineral, so there is no color index name and number.
Vehicle: Is the medium the pigment is suspended in.
Conforms to ASTM – American (International) Society for Testing and Materials code number
SKU: Product number
Series: Is the price code, and runs from lowest 1, to highest 5.
Lightfastness: I = Excellent (100+ years), II = Very Good (100 years), III = Fair (50-70 years) , IV = Fugitive (15-20 years).

The label for DANIEL SMITH Fuchsite Genuine:

DANIEL SMITH's new PrimaTek, Fuchsite Genuine label

DANIEL SMITH’s new PrimaTek, Fuchsite Genuine label


Pigment: Genuine Fuchsite
Vehicle: Gum Arabic Solution
Conforms to ASTM D 4236

SKU: 284 600 169
Series: 2
Lightfastness: I

DANIEL SMITH Fuchsite Genuine Watercolor. tube, labels, mineral

We designed our labels to help you know more about our DANIEL SMITH Watercolors!

The new labels will eventually be on all 35 of our PrimaTek Watercolor tubes. This is a rolling change so many of our PrimaTek Watercolors with the new labels have already begun arriving in stores, have you seen them?