Watercolor Ground: Tint/Tone your Surface

Consider preparing paper, board or canvas with tinted watercolor ground. A neutral or tinted-base
color is a terrific way to set the mood or atmosphere of your artwork!

Tinting also allows you the option of matching your painting foundation to any object you wish to paint,
creating an invisible surface!

Try tinting your watercolor ground with Aureolin and give a golden glow to your watercolor paper when
painting sunny landscapes.

Try playing with luminescents!
Used directly or mixed with other colors, these pigments are magic on a deeply tinted ground!

This video shows you how you can tint our Watercolor Ground to tone, or color your watercolor painting surface. You easily can add another layer of color to your watercolor paintings and enhance the overall look of your painting by tinting our Watercolor Ground to whatever color you like before painting.

With our DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground you can paint on almost surface, like metal, plastic, paper and glass, transforming them into a watercolor paper-like surface that is perfect for painting with your watercolors!

Our archival and acid free Watercolor Ground is easy to apply, just paint onto your surface and when dry, you now have a surface similar to cold press watercolor paper. You can now paint with your watercolors and enjoy their luminosity and transparency on surfaces such as metal or glass!