DANIEL SMITH Acrylic Gesso, Iridescent Gold, Pint

DANIEL SMITH Acrylic Gesso, Iridescent Gold has a lustrous metallic sheen from the Mica and Iron Oxides it is made with. Our Iridescent Gold Gesso gives oil and acrylic artists a gorgeous, luminous surface to paint on, quite different from regular white gesso. You will love how its radiant, golden sheen peeks out between gaps in your brushstrokes or in reserved golden areas when you paint. Oil and acrylic paints that are transparent will allow the golden glow to show through their transparent color. DANIEL SMITH Acrylic Iridescent Gold Gesso gives artists a vibrant, lightfast and archival choice for their substrate color, giving their paintings an enhancing, luminous glow.
Tips for using Acrylic Iridescent Gold Gesso: The Mica which gives our Iridescent Gold Gesso its lustre is very heavy and will settle softly to the bottom over time. When you open up your new jar of Iridescent Gold Gesso, or if you have not used it in a while, you may find that some of the mica has settled. If it has, simply mix Gesso well to re-suspend the particles. When you open your jar, please use a clean palette knife or spoon to remove the Gesso. DANIEL SMITH Acrylic Iridescent Gold Gesso returns thrilling artists everywhere!

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