Anne Abgott
“I have worked for several years successfully in transparent watercolor, often finding that the transparent colors can also be disappointing when painting granular subjects such as wood, rust, bark, metal, and in the case of Florida (where I live Florals). While I love the consistency of the DANIEL SMITH transparent pigments and their ability to perform on all watercolor papers it was the discovery of the granular pigments that lit my fire. The primatek pigments take me to another world ,from Green Apatite Genuine (that dries with a beautiful granular rust red ) to the basic Hematite Genuine that can be added to any transparent pigment (even yellow) I have found that DANIEL SMITH offers all of us artists and aspiring artists the best of quality to pursue our artistic dreams.” —Anne Abgott
Anne Abgott was born in Canada mentored by a well known Canadian artist Margaret Mclaughlin. Margaret painted under the name of Alexander Luke, choosing to use a mans name to be accepted in the art world. Anne now lives in Florida and teaches workshops and judges shows all over the U S and Canada. Anne holds signature status in AWS, NWS,and FWS and seven other society organizations. She competes nationally and this year has been accepted into both the AWS and NWS International competitions. Her book Daring Color has been a best seller and she has 3 videos , one with and 2 with North Light Anne is acclaimed as a teacher and is sought after all over the country. She is past President of Art Center Manatee, Florida Watercolor Society and Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society. With over 150 awards throughout her career she is extremely proud of being the recipient of the coveted Gold award at the Florida Watercolor society along with many other prestigious awards.