Cindy Briggs
cindy-in-venice-squareInspired by life’s journey, Cindy Briggs paintings share her view of the world.
Traveling around the corner and around the world to paint and teach, Cindy Briggs explores studio and plein air painting with joy in her brushstrokes.

A master of translucent watercolors, Cindy Briggs is known for her sundrenched cityscapes, luminous passageways and portraits with personality. An enthusiastic watercolor instructor, she has taken her students to France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sicily, Turkey, Croatia, Canada, and from coast to coast to paint. She also teaches and demonstrates by invitation at regional Art Centers, Art Associations, and Art Stores,  Inspired by travel, she loves exploring new locations painting her journey along the way. Students appreciate her personalized attention, encouragement to expand their individual style, and her positive teaching approach.

Cindy Briggs earned a Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University and worked for over 15 years as an Art Director for Nationally recognized Advertising Agencies in San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Known for their positive approach to teaching with a focus on design and individualized style, International workshop instructors, Theresa Goesling and Cindy Briggs are co-authors of Make Every Day A Painting. Theresa Goesling is featured in Splash 13, and has exhibited with AWS. Cindy Briggs has exhibited with AWS and WFWS. Both are Signature members of NWWS, professional art directors and have enjoyed teaching together for special events for over 12 years.

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