Cindy Lane
“Since discovering the Primatek range of watercolors by DANIEL SMITH, the exciting possibilities for my work are endless. Now I can complete entire paintings using a single tube of color, thanks to the wonderfully dramatic granulation properties of the paint. Whilst doing a wash, the pigment particles dance, swirl, separate and settle, creating the most wonderful tones and 3D textures. It is the most hypnotic, exciting and addictive painting process I know. To paint with the “Jewels from the Earth” in the Primatek range is a very special feeling indeed” —Cindy Lane
Cindy is a happy artist and illustrator living in sunny Australia. She is an award winning artist, writer and workshop instructor, skilled in a wide variety of media, and highly sought after for workshops and demonstrations. The natural world and it’s inhabitants provides Cindy with boundless inspiration. She has an affinity for the coastal environment and it features prominently in her works. Her paintings are held in private, corporate and government collections, and have been licensed around the world for a variety of products and services. Cindy continues to inspire artists around the globe with her demonstration videos, instructional magazine tutorials and workshops. She firmly believes that anyone, once shown how, can create beautiful art!

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