Giovanni Balzarani


“DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors represent for me the purity and that brilliance that a color has to have. Their smoothness, quality and softness allow me, as artist, to push beyond my limits. My artist’s hand (the pilot) and DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor (the vehicle) create that binomial that makes the mind open to new experiences, new lines, and new and unimaginable sensations. Their brightness makes them unique in their genre. I really enjoy using these impressive watercolors because they allow me to find an infinite line of experimentation and, at the same time, make me that creator of works that I did not imagine before I could paint. The dot card shows my useful colors for my still life paintings, the base to start mixing and explore a new concept of painting.” —Giovanni Balzarani, NWS – InArte
Giovanni Balzarani is an Italian painter; he attended the School of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. He discovered the watercolor world when he was 9 years old, then he explored other painting techniques in his artistic studies. Recently he’s joined the international watercolor scene, where he has started to receive awards, participating in the Hong Kong First International Watercolor Biennale in 2016, as well as the Budapest First International Watercolor Festival and Fabriano in Watercolor. In 2017, he has been chosen as judge and Still Life Italian leader in Fabriano in Watercolor, become a member of National Watercolor Society and winner of the Watercolor category in the Jackson’s Open Painting Prize. His work is mainly focused on still life in the hyper-realistic style, influenced by Pop-art and Photorealism artists such as Andy Warhol, Ralph Goings and Chuck Close. He lives, works and paints in Latina (near Rome).