Kathleen McElwaine
“As a teacher and a professional artist, I choose DANIEL SMITH paint because it is the best for all of my purposes. In the classroom, I watch my students delight in their paint taking on form as the water carries and mixes the rich colors. In my private studio, I depend on my palette to provide the lightfastness, permanence, and color staining that has always made my art so celebrated. However I use my paint, I trust DANIEL SMITH colors to inspire and to last with incredible vibrancy”
—Kathleen McElwaine
Kathleen McElwaine spent most of her childhood in the front seat of her father’s ‘54 Chevy pickup truck, sketchbook in hand, illustrating the ranching world that surrounded her. Today, Kathleen is a celebrated artist and the creator behind countless original paintings, fine art posters and prints, Keep the White Space WaterColoring Books and Products, and much more. Known for her whimsical style, her art has delighted and inspired the world for over three decades. Students flock to Kathleen’s classes to learn her uncomplicated step-by-step method of watercolor painting that imbues the same spirit of play she found through art as a child. Kathleen believes that everyone can find joy in exploring their creativity, and encourages that exploration by giving to her community through her art and her teaching. Find out more by visiting her website: www.kmcelwaine.com