Katie Graham

Katie is South African but has lived in several countries over the past 25 years, which is why her feeling of home transcends many different places. She has great affinity with one of her subjects, the zebra, which is considered in animal spirit terms “an ancient nomad, always moving and on a quest”.
To Katie, the zebras stripes are a metaphor for her own identity, which is not black and white. She says “In my soul I am a ‘scatterling’ of Africa, essentially a wanderer too continuously seeking new experiences.”   Katie’s art is a result of many influences in her life. Most obviously, her heritage and nostalgia for South Africa. The extreme beauty of nature is a never ending source of inspiration, with its rich variety of shapes, forms, pattern, tones and texture. Her Photography career and obsession with light and movement, cemented the passion to capture energy in her subject rather than just a physical form. She paints what she feels and strives to capture her subject’s spirit.

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