Kay Barnes
Kay Barnes is a signature member of the California Watercolor Society, past President of the Eastside Association of Fine Arts, and a member of the Northwest Watercolor Society.

She has taught, lectured and exhibited widely, and her works hang in many corporate and private collections.

Every artist chooses a palette based on personal preferences, subject matter and need for a broad range of color mixing possibilities. Like a well-planned spice rack, every palette should include versatile staples. Although I have 32 wells for color on my palette, there are staple colors that I use most often (I seldom use more than 8 or 8 colors in a single painting).

I choose colors not only for hue, but also for the characteristics the paints offer. When choosing colors, remember that you can duplicate almost any hue, but not necessarily with the particular color characteristics you’re seeking. Sometimes I want opaque and earthy qualities in paint. Other times, I want to contrast highly transparent color with colors that granulate and add interesting textural qualities to a painting.
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