Konstantin Sterkhov
Konstantin Sterkhov
A graduate from the Repin Academy of Fine Arts, Sterkhov has been serving his vocational of watercolorist for over 20 years. He is a member of Artist Union of Russia, St. Petersburg Watercolor Society and Finnish Watercolor society. Konstantin collaborates with leading world art supplies and manufacturers. He has created about 50 video courses over the last 5 years, including a free series for his blog’s subscribers.

Watercolor lovers all over the world appreciate his book series “Masters of watercolor” with interviews featuring the world’s leading water media artists. Connoisseurs of painting think much of his psychological portraits and lyrical landscapes with water space and all it embodies – from a vast raging sea, or sparkling reflections in a city pool, to a quiet forest lake.

As a watercolorist, Konstantin Sterkhov is constantly experimenting with material, finding available, simple ways of explaining how to master the water element. As a tireless traveler, Konstantin often visits different countries – sometimes as a workshop leader, a member of an exhibition or a jury board member at an International juried exhibition.

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