Luca Strati
“DANIEL SMITH watercolors are incredibly pigmented and with a lot of brightness, are extremely versatile, both for washing or full-bodied techniques. I love the variety and uniqueness of DANIEL SMITH watercolors that you can’t find anywhere else. Particularly suited to breathe life into your illustrations.” —Luca Strati
Luca Strati is a freelance illustrator son of the painter Mario Strati, he has expanded over the years his expertise also to sculpture and to various painting techniques. Teacher of anatomy and painting techniques in one of the Italian offices of Comics International School, is working for the realization of tarot cards for Lo Scarabeo and as one of the leading concept artists for Pegaso Models. His works have been exhibited at the Milan Cartoon Biennial and has made several collaborations including the cover of Batman Silent Book and the interior of the Suicide Squad Tribute for Batman Crime Solver publications. Among his special features there’s the talent to sculpt light and form working on blacks cards on which paint with various techniques obtains a great success among collectors. Capable of giving power and strength to his works he’s also particularly appreciated for his female figures that caresses with mastery of light and softness. Find out more by visiting his website,