Molly Murrah
Molly Murrah discovered her love for art when she took her first art classes in middle school. In college, she first majored in math, but eventually graduated with a degree in fine art. After college, Molly became a graphic designer, which helped hone her skills in color and especially composition – something she feels is extremely important for creating successful paintings. Needing a creative outlet beyond her graphic design business, in 2001 Molly seriously began her studies in watercolor.

“Painting in watercolor is a difficult process to master – ‘mistakes’ and problem areas can often be easily detected. However, contrary to common belief, a high degree of control can be maintained and, in my opinion, no other art form can create the unique images you are able to achieve in the medium. Water media techniques produce works that can be luminous, fluid and mysterious, and “accidents” – if you capitalize on them to support your vision and emotional intent – often end up being the most surprisingly brilliant aspects of your paintings.

With the luminosity of the paint and paper, the myriad of textures you can create, the infinite gradations of color, the ability to paint realistically, abstractly and in every style in between, painting in watercolor can keep an artist fascinated and engaged for many years of joyful painting.”

Molly Murrah is a Signature member of Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS) and served as President in 2013-2014. NWWS is one of the top watercolor societies in the United States. Molly also teaches watercolor painting at all levels.

Facebook artist page: Expressions In Watercolor

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