Ré St. Peter

As a lifelong artist, Renee has explored many mediums, including graphite, ink wash, scratchboard, acrylic, colored pencil and more. In 2006 she began to study watercolor, a long-time interest. Throughout her studies, Renee has concentrated on picking up the techniques and advice of various instructors while working to build her own style.

While Renee tends to focus on portraits, her subjects are more likely to be animals or objects than people. As with most artists, the play of light and shadow fascinates her, especially the way light plays on a form, and the shape-within-a-shape created by shadows.

Renee particularly enjoys watercolor because she can’t control every aspect. Her paintings are very layered, with big, wet washes of color on the bottom that force her to abandon the “local” color from the source photo or live scene. As the subject develops, Renee likes to create texture and depth with a variety of dry-brush techniques. As a result, her paintings are often mistaken for acrylics or even oils.

Renee has gained Signature status in the Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS) and has been juried into a number of regional shows. You may see her work at www.paintedhillstudio.com.

One question she gets asked a lot is: why do you sign your paintings “Ré?” Her response: “Growing up, my mom always called me Ré (pronounced “ray”) and I got used to signing things that way. When I started painting, it just felt natural!”
Website: PaintedHillStudio.com
Facebook Page: PaintedHillStudio
Instagram: ReStPeterArt

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