Minnesota Pipestone 37ml Tube – DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Color

American pipestone is the stone that unified our people in a time of transition. This sacred mineral was the stone of choice for the legendary Sioux peace pipes. Traveling through Pipestone County, Minnesota, one can almost hear the murmurs of the past. The warm, muted tones of the pipestone foster an introspective creative flow.

DANIEL SMITH Minnesota Pipestone is created from pipestone of exactly the same shade as the stone that the Plains Indians revered and reserved for the making of their pipes. Milled in small batches, it honors history and lives up to contemporary expectations. A warm, soft, earthy pink, Minnesota Pipestone is semi-opaque and granulates beautifully in washes. It is as permanent as the rock from which it is made. The combination of our historic pipestone with modern synthetics is spellbinding. The technology takes your work to the limits, but the history will take you beyond them.

SKU: 284300109
Pigment: Genuine Catlinite | Series: 2
Lightfastness: I – Excellent
Transparency: Semi-Transparent