Quinacridone Purple 37ml Tube – DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Color

The newest addition to our family of popular Quinacridone Oil Colors is rich, juicy Quinacridone Purple. This luscious color has a slight reddish cast and mixes beautifully. Our Quinacridone colors are renowned for their intensity and offer a great combination of color strength and transparency. Not surprisingly, these high-performance pigments have been among our most popular colors ever since we fi rst introduced them to artists in the early 1990s. Ideal for glazing, they tint powerfully and are also gorgeous used straight from the tube. The color range includes fantastic earthy golds and oranges that many artists have substituted for traditional ochres and siennas, instantly illuminating their palettes. Rich reds, pink and violets are beyond compare.

SKU: 284300145
Pigment: PV 55 | Series: 4
Lightfastness: I(NR) – Excellent Not Rated by ASTM
Transparency: Transparent