Rhodonite Genuine 37ml Tube – DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Color

Made from jewelry-quality stone, this versatile rose pink is wonderful for portraits and landscapes. It’s equally beautiful at full strength or mixed with white.First identified in 1819, Rhodonite is a brilliant rose pink mineral whose name comes from the Greek rhodon, meaning rose. It is usually used for jewelry. The highest quality, deepest pink Rhodonite comes from Germany.

DANIEL SMITH has tamed Rhodonite’s beauty into a lyrical rose pink that’s a great addition to every palette. Wet-into-wet at a low value, it yields a mild, warm pink that creates a soft, transparent glow. At full value, it is more intense but still transparent, low-staining and non-granulating. For landscapes or portraits, you will reach for this newest PrimaTek┬« color time after time.

SKU: 284300122
Pigment: Genuine Rhodonite | Series: 5
Lightfastness: I – Excellent
Transparency: Transparent