Chihiro Yabe
Rose-Season-by-by-Chihiro-YabeChihiro Yabe
Born and raised in Japan, Chihiro enjoyed painting as a child. It became clear at an early age that she was destined for a career in fine arts. Her works can be described as realistic with a European and Japanese flavor. She then went on to pursuing her passion in watercolor painting. She has been invited to prestigious international exhibitions such as Thailand, Korea and Japan. Also, her works were selected into the Transparent Watercolor Society and Watercolor West. Today, her works has been featured in two magazine issues including Pratique des Arts, as well as the International Artist Magazine. She is a signature status of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society and Japan Watercolor Society. She hopes her paintings bring joy and serenity to viewers.

“I found DANIEL SMITH paints shortly after moving to Seattle. I tried out a few and was immediately impressed. The colors stretch smoothly, and are extremely clear. I slowly shifted into using paints by DANIEL SMITH, and now my whole color palette solely relies on them. I had a hard time finding the right shades of green for when I was painting the lighted parts of a leaf. Then, I found a beautiful pure green that perfectly fit the color I had in mind. I would definitely recommend these paints for painting the delicate petals of a flower because of the paints’ clarity and freshness!” —Chihiro Yabe

“There are some colors that are no match to any other company, specifically called “Moonglow”. I think this color is especially gorgeous, with hints of green even though it is a purple paint. I use it for almost all my paintings because it is so utilizable and I use it across a whole spectrum of paintings. Another color that gets me excited to paint is the color “Manganese Blue Hue”. This color is especially beautiful, and helps me paint water or glass or anything transparent in a painting. I also use it for shadows as well.”
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