Laurin McCracken
The Chief Marketing Officer of Jacobs Global Building NA in Ft. Worth, Texas, Laurin McCracken has put the skills learned over the years in drawing, photography and observation to use as a watercolorist. He studied with Gwen Bragg at the Art League School in Alexandria, Virginia and with Alain Gavin at the Art Institute in Chicago. He has paintings in corporate and private collections, including McGraw-Hill’s Corporate Collection and the Urban Land Institute. He also has photographs in the Graphics Arts Collection, Princeton University.

Born in Meridian, Mississippi, he holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Architecture from Rice University and a Masters in Architecture and Urban Planning from Princeton University.
He has traveled extensively in Europe, the Middle East and Japan, both as a practicing architect, a photographer and a painter. His photographs have been widely published in architectural journals and as book covers and book illustrations.

McCracken is an award-winning artist whose paintings have been exhibited in juried shows coast to coast including the Philadelphia Water Color Society, Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society, Pittsburgh Watercolor Society and the Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors, California Watercolor Society, Southern Watercolor Society and the American Watercolor Society.
“I interpret the real world through the medium of watercolor. While I see things as a photographer, as a painter I am able to use the medium as a tool to express how I see things. Flowers, and in particular the Magnolia, have a strong emotional appeal to me. Perhaps, that comes from growing up in the Deep South. One of my goals is to help people see everyday things in a new light.”

Having grown up in Mississippi I have a great affection for magnolias and the rich flora of Mississippi and the South. My goal is to bring my appreciation of the beauty, fragility and temporal nature of flowers to my watercolors. My paintings of magnolias are full of drama and prove, once again, that white is not just white.

My still life painting is influenced by the Dutch and Flemish still life painters of the 16th and 17th Century, such as Pieter Claesz, Willem Kalf and Jan Davidz de Heem.”
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