Theresa Goesling
Growing up in the Northwest, I came to appreciate the ambiance of nature and it’s surroundings. On a cloudy Seattle day, I see the colorful beauty that inspires me to create.

My paintings are memoirs of my world travels from Italian Vistas to Parisian city scenes. After college, I travelled around the world with my photographer mother. I synergize my love for traveling the world with my passion for painting by co-founding Make Every Day A Painting Workshops, LLC.

As a workshop instructor, I endeavor to inspire my students to see with an artist eye and paint with their own creative voice. I can’t think of a better life, travelling the world and being inspired to paint. I am privileged to lead an artist life, while balancing my creative journey, raising four daughters with my supportive musical husband.

Vibrant pigments harmoniously meshed with strong design principles, enables me to create innovative, artistic works that “shout out” with dramatic values and luminescent light. I experiment with water-media to enhance my designs. I may add accents of gouache, handmade stamps or intricate collage in my work. You may walk by my paintings just to discover that there is something whimsical hidden within. Commissioned paintings are often customized with uniquely subtle and meaningful touches, for example, the street name may contain the clients last name or perhaps the figures at the favorite European café, resemble my clients own family or friends.

Known for their positive approach to teaching with a focus on design and individualized style, International workshop instructors, Theresa Goesling and Cindy Briggs are co-authors of Make Every Day A Painting. Theresa Goesling is featured in Splash 13, and has exhibited with AWS. Cindy Briggs has exhibited with AWS and WFWS. Both are Signature members of NWWS, professional art directors and have enjoyed teaching together for special events for over 12 years.

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