Brenda Swenson: What is the Purpose of Art?
Swenson SketchingLife is busy. When I get time for myself I need something that will recharge my creative battery and feed my weary soul… sketching.

Sketching is a very broad term and I’m often asked, “What exactly is a sketch?” A sketch is anything I do in my sketchbook. Some people will disagree…that’s okay. Let’s face it the world is full of rules, laws, guidelines, restrictions, constrains… What I do in my sketchbooks is not defined or dictated by anyone but me (big smile). What happens in my sketchbook is my playground, my challenges, my success, my failures… my business.
My sketchbook is a safe place to go when I want or need to recharge, create, stretch, grow, play, explore and sometimes pour out my heart. Within the pages I don’t ask for anyones approval or acceptance. Everyone needs a safe place to call our own. A place where we don’t seek or need anyone’s approval or acceptance.

You will learn more about me by looking through one of my sketchbooks than seeing an entire show of my work. Why is that? My paintings are me at my best (dressed up, make-up and on my best behavior). My sketchbooks are a true picture of me (in my play clothes, being silly, exploring my world, hurting…as a friend would see me).

I take my sketchbooks everywhere I go. You can find me sketching at a cafe, in a garden, airport, sketching with friends…or a hospital. People passing by like to comment. Most of the time they say, “nice sketch”, “wish I was talented” or “are you an artist?” But I’ve also heard, “What a shame it’s in a sketchbook you could have sold it”. Why is it that so many people do not see the value of something unless they can attach a dollar amount to it?

I’d like to leave you with this questions. What is the purpose of art if it does not feed the soul of the one who creates it?

Happy Sketching!