Aud Rye
“To me, good materials and good tools mean everything. In a training situation this will help lift the result, not the other way round. Transparency and color clarity mean a lot. They should be good color mixers and together could create beautiful neutrals. At the same time, it is important not to lock creativity. In DANIEL SMITH colors, there is an infinite range of exciting colors that produce highly surprising results. In these colors I have found both. I have spent years working on finding a palette that covers the most, since the goal has always been to use few colors. DANIEL SMITH has everything from these good strong color mixers to colors that invite creative color schemes. Tubes are big and economical… so just start and use them! “-Aud Rye
Aud Rye has taught watercolor since 1986. She is now traveling as a freelance guest teacher throughout Scandinavia and Europe. The impulses have come from many national and international artists from 1986 until today. For 10 years she wrote regular articles for the art magazine Kunst For Alle and the last years for the Decor Magazine. In addition to articles for these, she has also written books and specialty books, as well as published many teaching DVD’s for a Scandinavian audience. Aud Rye is initially keen on making others good. Sharing techniques and aids so that you can proceed on your own. Giving a solid foundation wall means a lot, but also being able to play and be free. There are no mistakes in this subject …… only new opportunities are created.