Joseph Zbukvic
Master watercolorist Joseph Zbukvic has had over 40 solo exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, Australia, as well as London and San Antonio, Texas. He is a member of the Victorian Watercolour Society, the Australian Watercolour Institute and the Australian Guild of Realist Artists. He is also a longtime member of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society. With over 200 awards throughout his career, he is a three-time recipient of the Gold Medal for Best Painting from the Camberwell Rotary Art Exhibition. In recent years, he has developed a specialty in equine and sporting subjects. His work is found in many public and private collections worldwide.

“Most professional brands of watercolour are of good quality and behave similarly on paper. DANIEL SMITH Watercolors have an amazing range of colors. Th eir paint sample Dot Cards have actual pigment dabs that can be wetted to be able to see their real color and character, not just a color photo, as with all other brands. They come in handy size tubes, not too big or small, and their softer plastic caps don’t jam up—a common bane with many brands that makes their tubes almost impossible to open especially when in a hurry.
“Probably the biggest difference between DANIEL SMITH Watercolors and others is their range of “sparkle” colors such as Duochrome Blue Pearl or Iridescent Goldstone. Th eir behavior on paper is very different, leaving a sparkle film that can be very effective and interesting in your work, and is excellent for figures and highlights.”

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