Sandy Allnock

“My favorite paints by far are DANIEL SMITH watercolors … nobody makes higher quality and provides all the info that artists need to know about every color. When I paint, I never know if that work will turn out to be a practice piece to be cast aside … or a piéce de la resistance to be cherished forever. It’s crucial to always use materials that will stand the test of time, in case I’m creating a work that’s a keeper!” —Sandy Allnock
Sandy Allnock explores mediums for both fine art and papercrafting, and finds that high quality materials are just as important to both genres of creativity. Sandy began exploring watercolor only in 2014 in preparation for a trip across Europe the following year – and has fallen in love with the medium ever since. Sandy studied art at Frostburg State University in Maryland, then spent decades in graphic design in both corporate and non-profit situations. In 2013 she left that world behind and returned full-time to her true passion, creating hands-on art. When she was a child, Sandy wanted to be an art teacher – and her popular blog and YouTube channel have been a surprise realization of that dream. Papercrafts is a genre that she enjoys to create small works that are a blessing to others, and her videos and online classes connect viewers to their inner artist they may not have known existed. Watching students step out of their comfort zone and paint beautiful works brings her great joy. Find out more by visiting her website: