Claudia Diaz Hernandez
“While looking for original and different colors, I encountered the DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor series. With more than 250 colors to chose from, it was difficult at first to limit my selection and bring together a basic palette. The colors presented here allow me to execute landscapes, portraits, flowers, abstract compositions, and more…accomplishing transparent and luminous artworks. The special intensity of the “Mayan” series revive the colors used by the Mayan culture to embellish murals and sculptures. Most of the colors included in my selection are transparent and very permanent; some granulated too. I invite you to try the wonderful range of colors that DANIEL SMITH offers; from the Quinacridones to the Duochromes and Iridescents.” —Claudia Díaz Hernández
Mexican watercolor artist passionate about color and water, member of the Mexican Society of Watercolorists. I´ve participated in national and international exhibitions and my works are also part of several private collections in Mexico, Canada, the US, and London. Active promoter of the watercolor technique within Mexico.