Stella Canfield

DCF 1.0

“My favorite DANIEL SMITH Watercolors provide the music in my work. Their rich, vivacious colors delight and inspire me as I paint, making my brush dance as I respond to the colors and my subject. DANIEL SMITH Watercolors perform to my high expectations and offer excellent permanence and mixing behavior. I especially enjoy the granulating qualities that some of them have, which provide wonderful texture and atmosphere in my paintings. They suit my style of painting, direct and loose, symbolic and impressionistic. DANIEL SMITH offers an amazing range of beautiful colors, providing the artists with the perfect tools to express themselves with great success.” —Stella Canfield
Stella Canfield is an inspiring and beloved teacher sharing her painting knowledge with students in the United States and Europe. Born in Bulgaria Stella left her country to escape the oppressive regime of communism. She lived in Germany and came to the United States in 1985. Starting over, she discovered her true calling, painting with watercolors! In 2001, Stella was invited to teach at DANIEL SMITH in Seattle and now shares her passion for painting and joy for life with her many delighted students. Stella’s paintings are appreciated and recognized by collectors and art organizations from which she has received many awards. Today, Stella teaches mostly on the West Coast of the USA and Texas for the first part of the year and she spends the remaining six months painting, teaching and exhibiting in Europe. Stella has taught workshops in Switzerland, Czech Republic, Republic of Georgia and her native Bulgaria. DANIEL SMITH in Seattle remains her favorite teaching place where she returns year after year for her very popular watercolor workshops.