Jim Mott
ds_truckFinJim Mott
When not painting near his home in Rochester, NY, Jim Mott hits the road with his Itinerant Artist Project (IAP) – “exchanging art for hospitality across America.” Integrating landscape painting with public outreach and community building, the IAP has brought him – along with his art and his creative process – into dozens of strangers’ homes across the US and Canada. Wherever he ends up, he completes a small series of paintings based on the surroundings and gives one to his host. Although Mott tries not to use money for anything except gas on tour – he once even paid off a speeding ticket with art – the purpose is not to travel for cheap but to interact more closely with other people’s lives and to let art function within a gift economy. The IAP has been featured in American Artist Magazine and on the Today Show, and is the basis for an ongoing series of exhibits and presentations that Mott gives around the country. To learn more, visit: www.jimmott.com.
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